Mass Effect: Andromeda; Updates, Reveals And Everything We Know So Far

By Jonna Marcaida Calagui , Nov 22, 2016 10:01 AM EST

After a four-year hiatus, Bioware once again brought its beloved series - Mass Effect - back into the game. The new Mass Effect: Andromeda is even better with new characters, better cinematic imagery and other interesting design features. All of these and more will be all new to the third installment of Mass Effect. Here's everything else we know so far:

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Definitely Cinematic

Given the cinematic trailer released some weeks before, there's no doubt that the new Mass Effect installment is above-average beautiful - it's actually an ethereal blockbuster. The latest trailer is very quick in just a minute and 44 seconds. But the cut-scenes are very impressive. The plot's story and the lead character also looks great and carries enough weight to make us excited for the upcoming release.

Andromeda Is Set Between Mass Effect 2 And Mass Effect 3

Andromeda begins in 2185, the same year when Mass Effect 2 ends and also the time when the Reapers have just decided to invade the Milky Way in Mass Effect 3. Basically, this new installment is the epitome of a plan, which happens to be leaving the now perilous Milky Way, gone bad. Given the situation, Mass Effect: Andromeda is action-packed and will keep you off your seat when you play it. There are scary monsters to fight off, exotic extraterrestrial allies and undiscovered planets to explore.

There Are New Characters And A New Lead

Characters for Mass Effect: Andromeda has been leaked for some time. For the first time in history, the title's got two leads - Sarah and Scott - who happen to be siblings. Ryder would be the lead protagonist of the game and the family patriarch, Alec, will also be there. There are leaks too about the "new pathfinder" and Drack who is a "squad mate." There's a lone wolf asari named Peebee and a rather enthusiastic police officer named Liam who happens to be a young human.

There's A New Bad Guy, Too

If there are new characters and a new lead to be had, there's also a new bad guy in the bunch. Meet one of these enemy species - Kett. He happens to be one of the two antagonistic species already leaked. The Guardians and Kett are not really on friendly terms. So the big question: are you going to side with the good Guardians or would you like to dictate and dominate with the Kett? It's your call.

Love Is Definitely In In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Whether you like it or not, romance will stay in Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's not something unheard of with Bioware titles but Andromeda gives its taste of romance something new. That is, some character would likely pursue long-term relationships. On the other hand, some are just up for a good time every time they crash a galaxy somewhere. The options for emotions-based dialogue are also updated to Casual, Head, Heart and Professional, which makes making relationships work easier because it's easier to read reactions.

There Are New Weapons To Make

Fabrice Condominas, Bioware producer, revealed that the new Mass Effect installment will be filled with blueprints filled with alien technologies. When you discover one, you will be able to build your own new weapon using the same technology. Pretty cool, right? But Mac Walters, creative director of the title also said that there are other ways to get your hands on such exciting technology. How that would be is what we do not know. It's something that you have to find out for yourself in the game.

Skill Trees Instead Of Classes

Instead of a class system, Bioware added a new skill tree that can be customized throughout the game. Classes are now without so players can choose what skills they want to better and maximize their gameplay. An in-game skill shuffle is present to help you try out multiple classes and reconfigure your setup. Classes are gained when you pick up specialties and everything else looks very similar to Inquisition. With the new skill trees, you are more likely to enjoy a wider range of game styles and be creative with your attacks. Of course, you have to make sure that you choose good companions to help you in the game which will become even more difficult to do with this new update.

Multiplayer Is Back In Andromeda

There is no clear confirmation as to what kind of multiplayer mode is back in Mass Effect: Andromeda. What is sure is that there will be a multiplayer Horde mode namely Active Strike Team and Deployed Strike Team missions. The first team mission can be done solo or with as much as three of your friends. Horde, on the other hand, is not part of the main game and is best for those who wish to have the classic shooter experience with a wave-based co-op feel.

The Ending Will Be A 'Surprise'

There is much controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3 aka Andromeda. But one big question remains: how does Bioware plan to close their newest title? The possibilities are actually endless. Small twists might be expected. It could be largely linear. But one this is for sure, Andromeda's ending will be far away from the conventional ending of the previous Mass Effect installments. Michael Gamble, another game producer, teased that Andromeda's ending will be "a surprise." They want to leave the ending for now but it would definitely be "something different than the trilogy."

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