Dishonored 2 PC Beta Patch Arrives Today, Adds New Features

Fans of Dishonored 2 is rejoicing when the beta patch for PC has finally arrived. The players are positive that after the update, all the glitches and bugs are already fixed. There will be three major revamps in the game once the update is installed.

General Update On Dishonored 2's Beta Patch

In a report on VG247, the beta patch of Dishonored 2 will make the game on PC even better besides fixing the major bugs experienced before. Update 1.2 includes better performance of the game, UI changes and adjusted alt+tab menu options.

Some of the notes include auto-detection of the visual settings in Dishonored 2. Also, the fix on related multiple problems in the game is included. The mouse works smoothly by restoring its settings to default. New options are added to Options menu.

Performance Made Even Better In Update 1.2

According to PC GamesN, in Dishonored 2, the performance is improved with less stutter in frame rates. To reduce the fluctuation of fps, it can be customized to ensure smooth flow of frames. Maximum pre-rendered frame is now manageable in the game.

The beta patch has increased the frequency in V-sync UI. Since the fog quality is not helping in the game, it was removed. The water quality settings are made even better since it can affect not only the oceans but also the canals and pools.

Improved Alt+Tab Menu In Dishonored 2

The players of Dishonored 2 will certainly have fewer problems when using the alt+tab menu since the fix on this menu is incorporated. The game will not be switching from different programs in PC. Also, the players are restricted to use this menu when dying.

The mouse problem is fixed when the player is using this menu. The mouse keeps on disrupting in the background causing irritation to its players. Hopefully, these bug fixes will ensure a good quality game in Dishonored 2.

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