The Mystery Behind The Sun’s Strange Blue Sphere, Finally Revealed

NASA scientists have finally dismissed the allegations about the mysterious 'blue sphere' in front of the sun after conspiracy theorists claimed that the strange sphere could be anything from a wormhole to a rogue planet or even a death star-style kind of UFO. It was found that the speculations have started when a number of Facebook users have picked the photos taken by NASA's sun-orbiting STEREO satellites.

The Blue Sphere And What It Really Means

In one of their statements reported by Daily Mail, a NASA scientist has allegedly explained that the strange sight was caused by a combination of two images being put together. As a matter of fact, the NASA spokesperson has added that the blue sphere appears just to be the consequence of a strange effect in the camera that took it. The images taken from NASA's SECCHI spacecraft, which is known to have been spending its time watching the surface of the sun and sending the images from the Earth. Consequently, experts believe that it is just an accident caused by the way the camera works.

At the moment, RT News has revealed that the video has already been viewed almost over 90,000 times which in turn, has gathered a lot of comments from people who are excited and skeptical about the phenomenon.

A certain Facebook user named Pamela Johnson, who immediately shared the video, has revealed that she thought the frames showed a craft from a group called the "Blue Spheres," adding that there is nothing to fear. Furthermore, YouTube user Mike Sovereign believes that NASA wouldn't be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public's attention. He claims that it rather looks like that something is projecting this image in space, which may be holographic perhaps or project blue beam.

Ultimately, Alex Young, a physicist at NASA's Goddard Space Centre has explained that there is no mystery with the said picture since it was just combination of 2 NASA STEREO images, 1 from the sun and another 1 from the space and may have been caused by a computer error or system glitch.

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