Apple Finally Rejoining Black Friday Festivities With One-Day Sale

By Edge Ison , Nov 23, 2016 04:17 AM EST

The last time Apple participated in the Black Friday Sale was in 2015. Since then, the company have not shown interest in joining this year's festivities. Until now.

A few days before this year's Black Friday Sale which falls on Nov. 25, Apple published a page on their website that suggests it will be offering some of its products on Black Friday. The company also sent out emails last Tuesday informing customers of the one-day sale. At first, it is not entirely clear from the post or from the emails if the one-day sale will actually be this coming Friday.

The post, which features a picture of an Apple Watch with 'Fri 25 Save the Date' on its display, said "Friday can't come soon enough." It went on saying, "Our one-day shopping event will be here before you now it. Come back this Friday to check everyone off your list." Upon further inspection of the page, customers are told to "Shop our one-day event. Friday only." From the looks of it, the sale will indeed happen this Friday.

Fortune recognizes the "hot-and-cold relationship" between Apple and Black Friday. The company has often been criticized for not truly embracing the concept of celebrating Thanksgiving Day by offering huge discounts to consumers on Black Friday and even on Cyber Monday. In previous years, Apple has offered meager discounts such as only $100 off on a MacBook worth thousands of dollars. In other times, Apple only gave out gift cards after purchasing a device at its original retail price.

According to Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson in an email to Fox News, "I think Apple just likes to try different things from time to time to see what works. They also clearly feel they have a strong set of things to sell with the new Apple Watches, the iPhone 7, the new MacBook Pro and so on."

This time, people are hoping Apple would finally make the one-day sale worth their time. In the meantime, they can plan they're Friday around this list of the best iPhone deals so far.

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