iOS 10 Pangu Jailbreak Brewing, Group To Release Tool Before Holidays Hit

For weeks, multiple Apple users have been waiting on Pangu to release a jailbreak tool for iOS 10. Before the updated operating system was even released, the hacking group boasted having already broken through its security system. However, no such tool has since been released.

Apple followed up the release of iOS 10 with quick updates, which many publications cited as the reason for Pangu's silence. It looked as if the security systems from the Cupertino-based company had advanced so much that even one of the most popular hacking groups could not break through. Still, many were certain that the jailbreak tool would arrive.

According to a report by Neurogadget, Pangu developers are simply adding more functionality to its took. This way, it would work on as many devices as possible - especially since Apple has been releasing updates so quickly. With every update an older tool becomes irrelevant, so this thinking is somewhat logical.

It could be that Pangu is waiting for some breathing room before it finally releases its iOS 10 jailbreak tool. However, the Cupertino-based company seems firm in keeping hackers away from its operating system.

Value Walk adds that the holidays would be the best time for Pangu to release the iOS 10 jailbreak tool. The publication goes on to argue that since various individuals have claimed ownership of a jailbreak took, a group as popular and as cemented as Pangu cannot be far behind.

One of there individuals is Luca Tedesco, who has boasted over Twitter that he has broken through 10.1. However, if true, it seems as if he has kept his findings to himself.

If rumors are to be believed, Pangu is patiently waiting for the iOS 10.2 release. After which, Apple is expected to take a breather in terms of working on the operating system. The time in between that the company is expected to leave be might just be when the hacking group will strike.

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