Microsoft Might Have Its Own Keyboard Bar In The Future And It Might Be Better Than Apple's

By JR O. , Nov 23, 2016 04:45 AM EST

A Microsoft patent has recently been spotted and it involves a technology slightly comparable to Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar. However, this patent has been applied for last July 25, months before Apple unveiled their new laptop. Described as a "keyboard with input sensitive display device", this patent shows that Microsoft wants a device that will make typing more efficient and less annoying.

Microsoft's Keyboard Screen Technology

As per MS Power User, this new technology aims to ease up the text entry of Asian phonic languages. It was said that there is a 20 percent error rate for the routine method of typing and manual corrections can be a very tedious job. Stopping writing to hold the mouse, scrolling through auto correct suggestions and returning the cursor to the text can be very tedious. The mentioned keyboard screen is designed to show suggestions making the process of correction simpler to go through. Furthermore, this shouldn't be the only purpose of the said keyboard screen. It could also be used in navigation, drawing and for notifications.

Microsoft's Future Products

While this news sounds very interesting, it's still unsure as to when Microsoft will be introducing it. As of now, it's still uncertain as to what the company has in store for 2017. Nevertheless, there's a good chance that this keyboard screen will be a desktop accessory and not a Surface laptop or tablet add-on. It could be made for Windows computers or even for the Surface Studio, although the latest Surface device doesn't really seem to be in need of more accessories.

As of now, the only expected Microsoft products to arrive next year are the Surface Pro 5 and the alleged Surface Phone. However, none among these two are confirmed in any way. Microsoft has just recently unveiled the Surface Studio and they have also revamped the Surface Book. The company did not mention whether or not something new is coming up next year. Fans just need to keep their fingers crossed that Microsoft releases something big next year. Constant PC users should also keep their fingers crossed that this new keyboard screen technology would be unveiled as soon as next year.

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