Good Or Bad News? You May Not Be Able To Use Your Samsung Or Apple Phone While Driving Anymore

Smartphone giants as Samsung or Apple will have to make a new software feature that stop its mobile devices to being used while the user is driving, since the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking to reduce car accidents, which has been proved that some of these are caused by drivers who are using its smartphones while they are behind the wheel.

Smartphone Makers As Samsung Or Apple Could Be Helpful To Prevent More Car Accidents

According to the International Business Times, the call comes just a few weeks after a terrible accident that shocked the U.K., in which the driver Tomasz Kroker killed a woman and three children in a crash, which was caused because he was looking at his mobile device. Naturally, this tragedy prompted calls on phone manufacturers to create some kind of measure, so the NHTSA started to seek a reduction of smartphone-related vehicle deaths, with a driving-safe mode that blocks or modify apps in order to avoid any kind of distraction.

Giving this situation, the NHTSA hopes that popular smartphone makers as Samsung or Apple could adopt the guidelines in future mobile devices and software releases, which could have a driving mode that will block things that could represent a distraction, such as messages, email, or social media. In fact, this new feature could also restrict access to websites and temporary block the use of a keyboard for communication activities.

Some Phones Already Have This Feature

According to The Guardian the regulators´ the intention is that this driving mode could be adopted in a similar way to the airplane mode, which disallows any form of radio communications while airborne, and has been a feature of smartphones since 2007. In fact, this new guideline also ask smartphone makers as Samsung or Apple to create a system that could identify when someone is using its mobile device while driving. Although some phones already have this feature, most of them are up to the users to active, which it has been proved that this is something that doesn´t work.

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