Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips: How To Get Fossils That Can Transform To Pokemon

By Nick Halden , Nov 24, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can bring some Pokemon back to life. All they need to do is to locate a Fossil and find a way to transform it into an actual Pokemon.

Where To Find Fossils In Pokemon Sun and Moon

Surprisingly, Pokemon Sun and Moon players do not need to go on a quest to find these Pokemon fossils. They could be bought at the Stone Shop located in Konikoni City. Players will have to transact with the old male vendor. He will only sell the fossils once to each player In Pokemon Sun, the fossils available is the Skull and Cover. In Pokemon Moon, the fossils for sale are the Plume and Armor. Player will need to have both 3DS games if they want

How to Transform Fossils To Actual Pokemon

Once the fossils are bought, players can now go to the Pokemon Center located at Route 8. Continue straight up then turn right towards a forest. Player will encounter a dude with a van who will transform the fossils into an actual Pokemon.

What Kind Of Fossil Pokemon Will You Get?

In Pokemon Sun, the Skull Fossil will transform into Cranidos which can evolve into a Rampardos. The Cover Fossil will make Tirtouga come back to life which can evolve later to Carracosta. Cranidos is a Rock type Pokemon while Tirtouga is a Water-Rock hybrid.

In Pokemon Moon, the Plume Fossil will revive Archen which can further evolved to Archeops. The Armor Fossil on the other hand, will revive Shieldon which can evolve to Bastiodon. Archen is a Rock-Fying Pokemon hybrid while Shieldon is a Rock-Steel type.

All of these four Fossil creatures are either from Generation IV or V. Unfortunately, there are no unique Fossil Pokemon found in the Alola region yet. Players who happen to have these types of creatures from their previous Pokemon games can load them to new Pokemon Sun and Moon game.

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