'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68, 69, 70, 71 Spoilers: The Start of Omniverse Tournament Brings End to Goku's Life

After the epic battle of Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks with Zamasu in “Dragon Ball Super”, the gang may be facing another big fight and once again, they have no choice but to join it. According to reports, the upcoming episodes will include Omni King Zen-Oh organizing an Omniverse Tournament and it might just be the cause of Goku’s death.

Episode 68 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “Come Forth, Shenlong” while 69 is “Goku vs Arale!” then episode 70 goes with the title “Challenge from Champa! Let’s Fight in Baseball”. All three episode seems to be fillers and don’t impose any danger to the gang. In fact, the title suggests Goku’s on a quest to make a wish to Shenlong, followed by a possible silly argument with Arale and a baseball battle between the characters of the series.

Everything seems to be good until episode 71 arrives with the title “Goku Dies! Assassination”. As the title indicates, Goku could have been killed by an Assasin and that could happen as the Omni-king starts the tournament wherein fighters battle with random fighters. The assassin could have found a way to keep Goku busy with something else, possibly fighting with another enemy as he plots his plan to kill him. If what the title suggests will happen, the assassin could have been successful.

“Dragon Ball Super” Spoilers circulating online claims the assassin will be from Universe 6 which makes sense since the tournament is open for absolutely anyone even beings outside Earth. However, nothing is confirmed as of today so anything can still happen and the assassin may even fail the mission.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 68 is scheduled to air on November 27, followed by episode 69 on December 4. Episode 70 will then air on December 11 and 71 on December 18.

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