'Gilmore Girls Revival' Spoilers: Lane And Zack Is Still Together But Struggling?

Another “Gilmore Girls” spoilers have just been revealed by no other than Todd Lowe himself. Lowe plays the role of Zack Van Gerbig who is Lane Kim’s love interest. According to Todd, the upcoming revival will show how married life is for Lane and Zack and how it has affected their life.

"It’s about seven years later and we’ll see how married life has affected them," Lowe says. He explains that they first fell in love due to their love for music and everything else seem to go really well. It can be remembered that the two were so in love with each other that they decided to get married and have kids in season 6. However, things didn’t go so well in season 7 when Zack had to work extra hard to impress Ms. Kim, Lane’s strict mom.

Lowe reminisces the day when he first got the role for “Gilmore Girls”. It was his first acting gig and he remembers exactly how he auditioned for the role. There was a guitar in the audition room and they want us to perform a song for them. He remembered he plays “Where is my Mind?” and sang it in German-English. It was a Zack thing to do," he adds.

He initially thought he was only cast for one episode but later on "Much to my delight, my agent called me a few weeks later and said, 'Hey, block out these weeks because they want you for four more.' Then five more, then six more and it just kept building…”

Todd Lowe is keeping mum about the full detail of “Gilmore Girls” revival story so everything is still a mystery and everyone will have to wait until the series starts on Friday, November 25. Aside from the two, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” also brings back almost everyone in the story including Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Paterson, Keiko Agena, and even Milissa McCarthy.

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