‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Episode 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Emotional Show Inspired By ‘The Odyssey’ And Will Be A Tearjerker?

While fans are waiting for the release of "Prison Break" season 5, a lot of rumors are spreading around that say the upcoming season will be a tearjerker. They based their speculations on the spoilers which say the story plot of the upcoming season will be based on "The Odyssey," of Greek mythology. If this is true, emotions will run high for this forthcoming season.

What Will Be The Focus Of Season 5?

Some spoilers of "Prison Break" season 5 suggest that it will focus on Michael Scofield's return to his family. This is indicated by the storyline which gave hints about the famous mythical character Odysseus of the Greek mythology "The Odyssey." It can be recalled that Michael's son have never met him before or even knew him since birth.

This idea of using "The Odyssey" as the basis of the story plot is attributed to Paul Scheuring, the creator of the show. He thought of using this legendary Greek story so that he can give a fresh start on the plot of the upcoming season. Does that original Greek legend have a character similar to that of Michael?

"The Odyssey" has a character named Outis. He was resurrected after seven years in a foreign land. This is allegedly the character which the creator of the show has alluded to. Michael has incarcerated in prison away from his homeland for about four years.

"It's ultimately a story about somebody coming back to life," said Scheuring in an Entertainment Weekly interview. "The emotional heart of it is that he left behind a wife and a son he's never seen before. [I thought] 'Hey, wait, isn't that The Odyssey?'" he added.

New Cast Members Are Being Added

In a related development, "Prison Break" season 5 will have additional cast members. This will include Mark Feuerstein who will be played by Scot Ness. He will get in between the relationship of Michael and Sarah.

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