Super Mario Run News: Nintendo Teases What The Mobile App Will Look Like

By Gen Que , Nov 24, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Nintendo has made several tweets that give players a sneak peek of Super Mario Run. This mobile version of our classic plumber will soon hit the iTunes Store in December.

Nintendo of America has posted five different tweets which gave fans an overview of Super Mario Run. Each of these tweets feature some images that loosely represents the Super Mario gameplay. In the first illustration, Mario does not smash the Goombas and Koopa Troopas just like the original game. Instead, he vaulted through them.

The second drawing shows our beloved plumber learning how to jump and run on objects without stopping, rolling, or jumping over them. This shows that Mario's speed has improved so much that he just run over obstacles instead of jumping. This makes him easier to navigate around although one has to get used to this new speed.

Nintendo of America gave us a hint about why Mario has become much faster in Super Mario Run.

"We’ve received a report from Toad that Mario’s been running around more than usual. Stay tuned for additional info," the tweet said.

The upcoming Super Mario Run mobile app will be a side-scrolling game although it not in the traditional sense of the word. Like the popular Temple Run game, Mario will run from side to side of the screen as players tap the screen. They can also tap to make him jump obstacles and gaps. The longer Mario runs, the higher he jumps and the faster he runs.

Just like in the original game, Mario can get some power-ups along the way. Some of these powers include wall jumping through narrow passages, stomping his enemies, and fighting bosses.

Super Mario Run will be released on Dec. 15 for iPad and iPhone users in 151 countries and supports 10 languages. No further announcements have been made yet regarding the Android version of the game.


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