Pokemon Sun And Moon Level Up Tips: How To Quickly Increase EXP Using Lucky Egg

By Nick Halden , Nov 24, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon also feature the use of a Lucky Egg. Just like Pokemon GO, this item can be a great help to Pokemon Trainers with regards to increasing the EXP of their pets.

What Does The Lucky Egg Do?

Trainers who have the Lucky Egg can make their Pokemon gain experience at half the time. They can hand the item before their chosen Pokemon heads to battle and any EXP normally earned will surely double.

Lucky Egg Prerequisite

Unfortunately, Pokemon Sun and Moon players cannot get their hands on a Lucky Egg early on the game. Trainers must first finish the main section. The game will make sure that you know so don't worry about it.

Where to Find Lucky Egg

Players who finish the main Pokemon Sun and Moon game should load it again. Then go to Melemele Island and head to the Professor. From your home, head south to the beach. Go to the East Entrance towards Carat Hill near a fly/fast travel point. Players can then meet the Professor at his house/laboratory.

How To Obtain Lucky Egg

Before talking to the Professor, player must make sure that they have 50 or more Pokemon in their collection or Pokedex. Otherwise, talking to the Professor will be pointless. The NPC will then hand the Lucky Egg after the conversation.

Where To Obtain More Lucky Eggs

Getting a lucky Egg from the professor is the surest way to obtain it in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, you could only get it once from him. There is another way although players will have to take their chances.

Chansey is the only creature known to possess Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Trainers who encounter a Chansey holding a Lucky Egg have the option of simply capturing them or swiping the the item by means of a Knock Off attack. For more Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide and Tips, stay tune for more.

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