Kevin Love Torched The Portland Trailblazer, Scored 34 Points In 1 Quarter

Kevin Love 40 Pts, UNREAL 34 in 1st Quarter!
Kevin Love 40 Pts, UNREAL 34 in 1st Quarter! Photo : FreeDawkins / YouTube

Kevin Love showed us last night why he is still one of the top players in the NBA. He is not the same franchise player when he was with Minnesota Timberwolves but he can sure light them up.

Kevin Love Getting His Groove Back

It's almost three years when Kevin Love was traded from Minnesota Timberwolves to Cleveland Cavaliers. A lot of Cavalier fans were excited as their team formed the newest Big 3 in the NBA. They were hyped up with the arrival of Kevin Love and the return of the former MVP, LeBron James. Unfortunately, during their first season as the "big 3", things didn't go their way. Team chemistry was questioned and injuries to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love ended the road for their championship goal.

During the first half of last season, we saw a lot of drama with the Cleveland Cavaliers. David Blatt was dispatched by the organization or LeBron James, as what the media says, due to distinctive differences. Kevin Love was also part of the saga when apparently he was part of trade talks. The former UCLA Bruin is struggling to adjust with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. He admits it himself during multiple interviews, but that didn't stop him from doing work.

He helped Cleveland Cavaliers to win its first NBA Championship last season and right now, they are poised to win another one. Last night, Kevin Love showed that he is still a force to reckon with. Kevin torched the Portland Trailblazers by outscoring them himself 34-31 in the first quarter. He poured in 8 3 pointers and dominated everybody who is trying to guard him. Most of his points were assisted by the King, LeBron James, who also shined last night dropping a triple double.

Cleveland Cavaliers And Their Quest For Back-To-Back Championship

Cleveland is the early favorites right now in the Eastern Conference. I don't see them getting beat by any Eastern Conference Team, unless one of their big 3 gets injured. Kevin Love has fully accepted the role as the third option of the team. He is currently excelling and is averaging 21 ppg and 10 rbg. This is also the greatest start for any LeBron led team. Also, Kyrie Irving haven't exploded yet and we all know he's always ready when called upon.

If Cleveland will be successful in regaining the Eastern Conference, there are at least 3 times in the Western conference that will challenge their throne. First, the superteam of Golden State Warriors. If this will happen, it will be the third time in a row that both team will face in the NBA Finals. The addition of Kevin Durant to Golden State is surely an upgrade and the way they are playing right now, Cleveland Fans should be worried.

San Antonio Spurs led by Kawhi Leonard. We all know that San Antonio Spurs should not be taken lightly. They play a beautiful game and they have a no nonsense Coach in Gregg Popovich. Tim Duncan might have retired but the blueprint to be a champion is already imprinted to each player. They have a key addition on their team like Pau Gasol and David Lee which will surely spell trouble for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lastly, the Los Angeles Clippers. As of the moment, they have the best record in the NBA and they are really scary. Gone are the days when they are just called as the "Lob City". They are now fully determined to win it all and I know Chris Paul wants to get a ring as time is not on his side right now. Blake Griffin is no longer considered as a one dimensional player thanks to Kevin Garnett's teaching. The ball movement of LA Clippers is so crisp it is very fun to watch. LA Clippers fans have been waiting for a long time to see their team get a ring, and this year might be their best chance to get it.

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