Huawei Is Officially The Most Profitable Android Smartphone Brand In The World: Which Has Been The Reason For Its Success?

By Luis Fran , Nov 25, 2016 07:09 PM EST
Huawei´s main is to beat Apple and become the second largest smartphone maker in the world in two years, and beating Samsung and be in the first place by 2020.<br /> (Photo : Youtube/Android Authority)

Chinese company Huawei Technologies has officially become the most profitable Android smartphone brand in the entire world, beating its Asian biggest competitor Samsung, after it gained the most profit among mobile devices that uses this operating system in the third quarter of 2016, becoming also the most profitable smartphone supplier in the world, just behind Apple.

Naturally, this represents a huge impact in the phone market and a turning point in smartphone´s world, considering that Huawei rises, far from getting interrupted, has increased without stop since it was founded some years ago. Getting to this point, it is important to know which has been the keys to its success, so here´s a little analysis of how this Chinese brand has achieved this important position.

Offering The Same As Any Other Android Smartphone With A Lower Price

This is obviously the most important reasons for Huawei´s success, but even if it looks simple, it is actually something extremely difficult to conquer, giving the fact that if a smartphone competitor sells a product with a high cost, it is because it offers a quality and effectiveness that is equivalent to the price, at least most of the time.

In this situation, what Huawei have done is extremely difficult, because offering similar specs and features as the most important brands is not precisely an easy task if the price would be cheaper, but managing to do this has been a key for the Chinese company´s success, because everyone will prefer paying less for a phone that has almost the same as the expensive.

Taking Advantage Of Its Competitors´ Crisis

Sometimes business is an unfriendly game in which the competition is so rough that you have to be cold and ruthless, and in the smartphone world, this is exactly the situation if you want to achieve an important position. This is why, the ugly part of making a hit is not only by doing a good job and offering a great product but also taking advantage every time a competitor have a crisis.

Of course, this is exactly what Huawei and every single smartphone maker did after the Galaxy Note 7 recall, which was one of the worst moments in Samsung´s history, to the point in which even the South Korean economy was harmed. Considering that we´re talking about the most important manufacturer in the phone business, its weakness had as a collateral damage the rise of other companies, and Huawei was one of those, keeping its quality and consistency as ever.

Its Most Important Weapon: Conquering The Emergent Markets

This is probably the main reason why Huawei has become the most profitable Android smartphone brand in the world, giving the fact that the company not only have been the most important mobile device in China, but also in many other emerging markets like Latin America, in which this has been nicely received by customers, who usually prefers this phone than any other because of its quality and affordable price.

This is obviously something that talks great about Huawei considering that this smartphone wasn´t sell in the U.S. for years, and its strategy was to be well positioned in the emerging markets, which the company perfectly achieved. In fact, Huawei is keep pushing in this strategy, since it is now making its smartphones in India, which would be increase its powerful position in the market in midterm.

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