South Park Season 20, Episode 9 Release Date, News And Updates: New President Elect To Address The Pentagon About A Crisis?

South Park Season 20, episode 9 is on pause after its original airing on Wednesday was cancelled. While fans expected to resume on November 30, an official announcement has yet to be made.

This is not the first-time South Park cancelled an airing; for one of its episodes. Per reports, South Park Season 20, episode 4 also suffered the same doom when its original air date was moved to a week later in October.

To move on, a recap of South Park Season 20, episode 8 featured the trip to mars. When Mr. Garrison was elected, all chaos and liberty of taking advantage of authority emerged. But as Denmark prepares to launch their Troll Trace Program, Garrison was forced to play the role of the leader, attend the Pentagon and address the crisis issue.

What Is Packed In South Park Season 20

Butters will join Cartman and Heidi Turner in travelling to SpaceX. South Park Season 20, episode 9 is expected to feature more of their encounters in the space. Joining the duo might just prove to be the start of an annoying companionship as Butters decides to have better approach with women. His strategy will somewhat annoy Cartman, especially when it's clear that Heidi is developing liking for Butters.

Gerald Broflovski is detained on Trace Troll in Denmark and the only way he can get out alive is calling someone who can save him. The Troll Trace CEO gave him a cellphone to call anyone he wants, but his actual motive was not to give him a chance to escape, but rather to reveal his identity. Apparently when someone arrives to rescue him, they will learn that Gerald Broflovski is also Skankhunt42.

Kyle will eventually realize; his father is the real troll and works on saving Ike to Sheila's bewilderment. South Park Season 20, episode 9 will feature some sort of White House blockade, powered by the berries. The final episode of South Park Season 20 is scheduled to air on December 7, 2016. Don't miss the latest news and update, stay tuned only here at

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