Ubisoft Claims Tom Clancy's The Division Daily Player Numbers Back To Normal?

It's no secret that Tom Clancy's The Division was in a serious crisis. A couple of months ago, players have been complaining about what a ruckus the title has become. Multiple bugs and issues were found, all leading to the game becoming a total mess. Fortunately, those were patched up thanks to update 1.4. Heck, Ubisoft is even claiming that the installment is now back to its former glory.

According to TheTech52, the titular shooter game is once again a hit following the release of the aforementioned patch. That the number of daily active players is beginning to equal the amount there was during the game's official release. This idea was proposed by the studio's very own Anne Blondel, the VP of Live Operations.

Blondel said that in order to save Tom Clancy's The Division from total devastation, they had to do make some hard decisions. For instance, instead of putting resources on expansions and/or contents, they re-routed it to fixing the game. Investments on patches were made, all for the sake of improving the game significantly.

Obviously, it was a tough call to make. The developers could've gone into making extra contents, but that would only worsen the issue. Because after all, players will still be experiencing bugs and exploitations. Well, at least, those are part of the past. And so far, the title is doing extremely good.

Blondel stated that the whole Tom Clancy's The Division community was happy with their move. Of course, as what she explained, there were frustrations. Why? That's because there were some players who were expecting for the Survival DLC. Note that the latter was cancelled for the primary reason mentioned above.

It's safe to say, though, that Ubisoft has indeed improved the game. And this one can't simply go without saying that it went to a great extent. Truckloads of players are once again enjoying the game, as the kind of excitement the fans have been looking for is back.

What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy's The Division? Do you agree with Anne Blondel's statements? Be sure to let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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