Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: All Poke Ride Pokemon And When To Use Them

For Pokemon Sun and Moon player, every game guides are handy! Especially if you are trying to level up fast and get the most memorable experience playing the games, you need all the tips and tricks you can gather to get ahead of the recently released Nintendo 3DS games.

One of the best things about Pokemon Sun and Moon games is the new Poke Ride system which replaced the HM or Hidden Machine. With Poke Ride, players are able to ride on certain Pokemon with the use of special ability. Now, not all Pokemon can be Rideable so for this to work, your Pokemon needs to have Ride as special ability.

Poke Ride Pokemon are summoned by a Ride Pager, which is accessed by the "Y" button on your Nintendo 3DS. You must of course unlock the riding skill so you're able to fly, surf and more. So here's the list of Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon that can be ridden:


Basically known as the Transport Pokemon, Lapras special ability is called Paddle. Once you ride this majestic Pokemon, you can surf and fish in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The Superpower Pokemon, Machamp, is one of the most popular Poke Ride Pokemon.While you're being carried, it can move boulders and has a special ability called Move.


Tauros is a Wild Bull Pokemon and yes, your trainer can ride on it as well. While riding Tauros, the player is able to move quickly and is able to smash its way through boulders.


When you summon Charizard with a Ride Pager in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it will transport you through flying. Charizard, the Flame Pokemon, has Glide as its special ability.


The torpedo-shaped shark Pokemon allows the trainer to surf fast and smash rocks in the way. It has Jet for its special ability. Sharpedo's fangs can crush iron by the way.


Of course, Mudsdale is going to give you a ride. This Draft Horse Pokemon takes trainers across rocky terrains. It has Stamina as its ability wherein its Defense increases to 1 once it's attacked.


Known as the adorable Big-Hearted Pokemon, Stoutland is a canine Pokemon known for rescuing people who got lost in the mountains or sea. Once ridden, the Pokemon Sun and Moon trainer will be able to find hidden items.

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