Lil Wayne's Real Reason For Concert No-Show Is Due To Breach Of Contract? Denies Seizure Reports

Reports of Lil Wayne skipping a concert gig has been circulating online due to health reason have been circulating online.
However, the rapper’s representative claims it is not true and the real reason why Lil Wayne did not show up is because of a breach of contract.

However, based on the statement released by the concert’s management, “Color Events met all contractual obligations for Lil Wayne to perform at the SummerFall concert tonight," They also mentioned that they are already investigating the reason for the cancellation so they cannot comment any further until the investigation has finished. The only thing they can say is their “disappointed Lil Wayne will not be performing, we are excited about the lineup of artists who will be performing tonight."

In a report by TMZ, the news site claims Lil Wayne’s camp would not say anything but just that there has been a breach of contract and not due to health illness that caused the rapper not to show up at the concert. In earlier reports, the rapper is rumored to have another seizure that made him not fit to perform for the concert. It can be remembered that the rapper had epilepsy in 2013 which also resulted in a show’s cancellation. Moreover, the rapper’s condition even caused his plane to do an emergency plane landing.

The supposed concert with Lil Wayne was scheduled to happen last November 26 for a summer festival in Curacao. The rapper was to perform with other music artists like Fat Joe, Meek Mill, French Montana, Yo Gotti, and Rick Ross.

As of today, both camps were reported to have settled their matter on their own and without the need for a courtroom meeting. It looks like it wasn’t really Lil Wayne’s health that caused for the rapper not to show.

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