MPS In Mazda’s Lineup Might Be Making A Comeback

Fans and enthusiasts have been yearning for Mazda Performance Series (MPS) versions in the line-up ever since it said its goodbye a couple of years ago. The Mazda 2017 CX-5 has recently seen an MPS rendered version and a lot of people have been reminded of the speed version. Given these recent developments, the MPS version in Mazda's lineup might be making a comeback.

The Mazda Performance Series

The MPS was enjoyed by a lot of Mazda fans and enthusiasts when it first made its way to the American market in 2003. A couple of years later, the MPS version was launched in a global scale and a lot more people all over the world got to enjoy it. Fast forward to about a decade and the MPS versions had to bid farewell following the introduction of the Mazda 3 as reported by Auto Evolution. In addition, there were also no signs that showed any possibility of the MPS series making its way back to the market.

Should MPS Make Its Return Or Not?

Despite many people yearning for the return of the MPS versions in Mazda's lineup however, a lot of people also think it isn't the right time to for its return yet according to report from Motoring Crunch. Accordingly, the reason is because of the dwindling sales of Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 and a lot of people are now walking toward hatchback models that are considered to be among the hottest models in the auto market at present.

MPS In Mazda's Lineup Might Be Making A Comeback

While an MPS version for Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 does not look like it's coming anytime soon, the MPS in Mazda's lineup might be making a comeback but it will be in the MX-5. This however, will depend on the condition of the market as reported. It seems that there isn't a lot to be expected at this time but fans and enthusiasts may find 2020 to be a very promising year.

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