Clash Of Clans Guide, Tips: How To Scout Enemy Clans

By Nick Halden , Nov 29, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Clash of Clan players about to engage in Clan Wars should know the caliber of the enemy Clans. Scouting for weaknesses in the opponent can steer your Clan away from a disastrous defeat.

Type of Clans You are Facing

Opposing Clans can vary in their outlook when it comes to Clan Wars. Some Clans may see it as a serious business while others see it as nothing more than a means to spend some fun time. Of course, the serious ones are harder to beat which means you have to scout for more information.

Check the Clan Level

Checking the Clan Level of your opponents will help you gauge their capabilities. The strong ones in Clash of Clans usually engage in frequent wars while the weaker ones may go to war weekly or probably less than that. Their win and level ratio is also a strong indicator of their strength. A Level 6 to 7 Clan with 50 or less wins indicates a young but a powerful group. However, a Level 7 or lower Clan that managed to achieve more than 50 victories indicates that it's an old group with more losses than wins in Clan Wars.

Check the War Log

The Clash of Clans War Log will present the players and idea on how tough their opponents are. Their Win and Loss ratio and average destruction can indicate how good the opponent is individually and as a group. A destruction rate of 80 percent and above usually means that it's a tough clan to beat.

There are cases however, that opponent Clans will keep their War Log private. Fortunately, players can use a special tool called COCP.IT to look into private clan war logs. Observers caution that the tool is not a hundred percent foolproof that still provides good intelligence. COCP.IT though is not considered as a cheating tool because it only makes use of what's available in Supercell's API and its less than a hundred percent accuracy.

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