Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.5 For PS4 Is Finally Live; What Are The New Features?

PS4 users can update their Tom Clancy's The Division with the latest patch released. Hopefully, this patch will fix the minor bugs in the game. Also, players have been expecting this patch to bring new changes in the game.

Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.5 Is Finally Available On PS4

Fans of Tom Clancy's The Division just received update 1.5 on PS4. According to GameSpot, the update will introduce new World Tier brackets that will make the game even harder than before. It will also bring new equipment choices to the players.

PS4 fans also need to know that Tom Clancy's The Division will also fix the problems including the NPC suddenly dropping their crafting materials. With the update, vendors can now sell their items that match the player's level. Credits and Phoenix Credits are rewarded from missions. 

What Are The Other Inclusions On Update 1.5 Of Tom Clancy's The Division?

In a report on International Business Times, PS4 users will notice that the gear score will be increased up to 256. The tactical advance talent will bring 305 damage. The players that will be using shotguns and Marksman rifles will notice that their target will flinch once they shot them.

The reload speed is also increased to 25 percent. Players can pick up grenades every eight seconds, which was at 15 seconds before. Also, the headshot bonus was reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent. All mods except Recon Pack were decreased from 25 seconds down to 20.

New improvements on Tom Clancy's The Division such as the defibrillator is increased by 10 percent, increasing 1500 to 1650. The cooldown is also now faster at 80 seconds compared to 91 seconds previously.

Bug Fixes On Tom Clancy's The Division

Some of the fixes such as the solution once a player was trapped in a spawn closet are applied. The players can carry the Fuse box whatever the angle they are facing. Also, the players will not be attacked when they are switching with different ammo.

The players can already activate the weapon talents once they reach the required stat value. Once the auto-hide HUD option is enabled, the signature skull icon will automatically disappear. Lastly, the overlapping of Gear Score value on health score bar is also fixed.

Tom Clancy's The Division update 1.5 was first available for Xbox One and PC. The update was live when the Survival DLC pack was launched. PS4 users will be receiving the latest DLC pack of the game on Dec. 20.

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