8 Amazing Views From The International Space Station

By Pierre Dumont , Mar 02, 2013 10:24 AM EST

There's been a lot in the news about space lately, most recently with SpaceX's third Dragon capsule launch to the International Space Station. But some of the most remarkable developments are coming from the Station itself.

In case you've missed it, Station commander Chris Hadfield has been releasing some great images from the aircraft and, perhaps most remarkably of all, they're of our own planet.

Hadfield posts the images on Twitter, the site on which he has almost half a million followers. The images range from the coast of England to the Andes mountains. In Nov. 2012, NASA released a book called "Earth as Art," a compilation of 75 of the images. They have colors adjusted by NASA to depict light not normally visible to humans.

Here are some of Hadfield's most stunning images, including one of the Washington, D.C. area at night released just this week:

"Tonight's Finale: Two spaceships beautifully blocking the view of Canada's east coast at sunset" (March 1)

"Mt Etna erupting and shooting steam and smoke high above the cloud, seen from space." (Feb. 28)

"Tonight's Finale: Lake Baikal, Siberia. Immensely old and deep, it holds one-fifth of all the world's fresh water." (Feb. 26)

"Washington, D.C. - the Beltway and the Mall both visible from Earth orbit." (Feb. 25)

"Arid fingers of sand-blasted rock look like they're basically holding on against the hot Saharan wind." (Feb. 20)

"Beijing - Tiananmen Square still bright with echoes of the Chinese New Year celebrations." (Feb. 20)

"Huge swirls in the sea off of Mumbai, India." (Jan. 18)

"I'm sure this river takes itself seriously, but it makes me laugh." (Jan. 15)

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