Dishonored 2 Guide: All 10 Decorative Items Location and How To Acquire Them

By Sarene Mae Butao , Nov 30, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Arkane Studios has introduced several new features and game mechanics with their new game title Dishonored 2. The game also added some decorative objects that can be found and placed amongst missions aboard the Dreadful Wale, which is essentially the players' home base during the events of the game.

According to the report from Game Rant, in order to acquire all these 10 souvenir items, players will have to score a hard earned trophy/achievement rewarding their efforts as well as filling out the empty cabinet in their room.

Based on the report, these items are completely missable since the game will not provide any indicator or hint as to where it is located. As of now, there is no way to come back for the missed decoration. However, Arkane studios announced that they will be adding a mission select option in order for the players to have a chance to collect the items that they have missed from the last time.

For those who are planning to collect them all, here is a simple guide where to locate all these 10 souvenirs. It is worth noting that this guide will start from the first mission up to the ninth. The first item called Samuel's Boat can be found in a small shelf above the uncovered bed that is also near the audiolog of Emily's mother on the opposite side of the room. Next item will be acquired on the second mission where players will be needed to eliminate an Elite guard in order to get the Elite's Helmet.

Third item is called the Syringe Souvenir which is acquired by walking an extra mile and choosing a safe route against the Crown Killer in Good Doctor mission. Fourth item is called the Clockwork Head which can be acquired by terminating a Clockwork Soldier in mission 4. Fifth souvenir item is called Witch's Sword which can be found during mission 5. Players need to find this case that is located near the door to the galleries above the main entrance.

Sixth and Seventh item can be found within the mission 6. The first one would require players to infiltrate the Howler hub and the second one is found hidden inside a wall of Corvo's abandoned home. The eighth collectible is found on mission 7 where players need to use Timepiece to travel in the past, explore the piano room and a Calendar dated 1849 to get the item.

Mission 8 will grant players the ninth item called the Broken Gazelle Ornament which can be located on a table close the exit room. Lastly, Mission 9 is found in Dunwall Tower in the safe room.


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