Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Unlock Flying Car?

By Lizzie Mefford , Nov 30, 2016 04:30 AM EST

The Final Fantasy 15 Regalia Type-F is said to be only a feat that game completers may unlock. The Type-F Regalia is said to reach up to hidden areas including a hidden dungeon. Moreover, tips on game longevity as well as other expert tips have been leaked online.

Square Enix rolled out with the revelation of a slicker Final Fantasy 15 Regalia in a recently unveiled trailer. Apparently, the vehicle may go beyond the road and soar through the air. It should be noted that the special Final Fantasy 15 ability may not be available to those who are not deep into the game.

First off, Final Fantasy 15 completers are said to be the only ones eligible for the flying ability of the Regalia. Once Final Fantasy 15 has rolled the credits, players will be asked to make a post-game save. Furthermore, Final Fantasy 15 completers may load that save up, head off to a rest area, then call on Umbra for teleportation back to Lucis.

In addition, Final Fantasy 15 completers may need to track down the parts needed for the Regalia Type-F. Note that only one part is rewarded for taking down all three major Niflheim military bases which are Fermouth Garrison (Northern Laede), Aracheole Stronghold (southeast of Lestallum) and Fort Vaullerey (southwest of Old Lestallum). Once completed, Cindy over at Hammerhead will install the Regalia Type-F upgrade.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 is said to be a game that runs over 40 hours. On that note, experts have revealed an infinite sprint feature in Final Fantasy 15. Apparently, keeping the PS4 circle button pressed until the stamina meter is almost empty, releasing when there is a silver left and then pressing again is said to refill the stamina immediately.

Final Fantasy 15 experts have also revealed that running away from a one-hit kill and stepping out of the red circle in the minimap may end the fight. Additionally, the Lestallum hotel is said to give 1.5 times boost to banked XP when sleeping. Diners and fast travels are also among expert tips. Watch the Regalia Type-F featured here:

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