Final Fantasy 15 Review: PS4, PS4 Pro Versions Reveal Frame-Pacing Issues?

Final Fantasy 15 game on the PS4 Pro High setting is said to be plagued with poor frame rates. However, an option may be toggled with to produce the Final Fantasy 15 at 1080p and 30fps. In the meantime, the Final Fantasy 15 adamantoise allegedly takes 15 to 72 hours of real time gameplay to defeat.

It is said that both the "Final Fantasy 15" Episode Duscae demo as well as the Platinum Demo have suffered from shaky frame rates. Apparently, the final product may not be able to hold strong and smoothly at 30fps. On that note, tech heads at Digital Foundry have reportedly spilled the beans on how the "Final Fantasy 15" may play at 30fps on the PS4 and the Pro.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy 15 is also said to be plagued with a recurring issue on frame pacing. Apparently, irregular frame pacing has reportedly been an issue with the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne which is yet to be fixed. Apparently, the character among others is said to look twitchy on the Final Fantasy 15.

Moreover, Digital Foundry also claims that Final Fantasy 15 works best on the PS4 Pro Lite Setting. Apparently, the High setting is said to be marred by poor frame pacing. On the contrary, the Lite Setting is said to cap Final Fantasy 15 at 1080p along with other visual boosts to the game.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 15 forums are reportedly filled with talks on a 72-hour battle in Final Fantasy 15. Apparently, the adamantoise is said to be the toughest post-game boss in Final Fantasy 15. Furthermore, Conan O'Brien reportedly claims that players may need 72 hours of real time to take down the massive turtle with a mountain on its back.

The Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata once noted on an older interview that the adamantoise would take approximately 15 hours to defeat. Takka, the quest giver over at Hammerhead is slated to offer the adamantoise quest for a recommended party level of 99. However, YouTuber PowerPyx reportedly took down the adamantoise at level 69 in an hour. Watch PowerPyx in action here:

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