How To Play Instant Games In Facebook Messenger?

By Lizzie Mefford , Nov 30, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Facebook Messenger recently launched a new feature to encourage friendly competition among Facebook users. The feature is now available offering gametime with the likes of "Space Invaders" and "Pacman". The free games reportedly launched in 30 countries including the U.S.

Facebook Messenger will reportedly no longer be constrained to just private messages. The social media site now includes Instant Games in the Facebook Messenger. Facebook has added the feature with games like "Words With Friends Frenzy". Moreover, the Instant Games on Facebook Messenger have been noted to load very quickly.

Note that the Facebook Messenger new feature is built on the HTML5 mobile web standard. The new feature is expected to encourage more Facebook users to spend more time on Facebook Messenger. Facebook users are said to compete with each other for the highest score.

Furthermore, Instant Games on Facebook Messenger are free of charge. However, the feature is expected to earn Facebook ad dollars from several developers that are promoting their games. Currently, there are no in-game purchases that have been permitted on the Facebook Messenger feature yet.

17 Instant Games from Classic Developers such as Konami, Bandai Namco and Taito have been shown off on Facebook Messenger. In addition, newer studios such as Zynga and King have also made their way on the Facebook messenger new feature. The games are available on newer Android and iOS devices.

Meanwhile, Facebook previously introduced several secret basketball and football games on the social media site. However, the new tab on Facebook Messenger is reportedly aimed at offering a wider variety of games for Facebook users to enjoy. On that note, Facebook acknowledged that over one billion people use Facebook Messenger every month.

Facebook Messenger has reportedly been the avenue for Facebook users to connect, share and debate. Stickers and Instant Video sharing have already been added to Facebook Messenger as well as the ability to make quick voice calls. Facebook Messenger is expected to be more engaging with the addition of the new gaming feature. Watch the Instant Games here:

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