Wrestlemania 33 Update: Shane McMahon vs Dean Ambrose Is Already Being Discussed

By Dez Bryant , Nov 30, 2016 04:49 AM EST

Apparently there is a big change in one of Wrestlemania 33 match. Some might not like it but most will surely enjoy it. The battle of the fearless is what they have in their mind right now.

Lunatic Fringe vs The Prodigal Son

Previously, WWE Creative and management were leaning towards an epic match between the Prodigal Son Shane McMahon and The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar but they are heading in another direction. The build up started when The Beast Incarnate F5 Shane McMahon on the canvas. Shane was about to retaliate in the in-coming episodes but it was put to halt.

With the arrival of the Iconic Goldberg, we are already guaranteed that Shane will have another match and Goldberg will eventually face Brock Lesnar in next year's Wrestlemania. The two matches discussed have the capability to steal the show. Right now,Dean Ambrose vs Shane McMahon angle is being pushed. It started when Dean Ambrose purposely disobeyed Shane McMahon about interfering AJ Styles' match. Last Survivor Series, Ambrose double crossed Team Smackdown Live costing them the match.

Shane McMahon haven't made his moves yet but he is already annoyed with the Lunatic Fringe. Dean Ambrose will have his match against AJ Styles this Sunday at TLC pay-per-view. If Dean Ambrose will lose(which he will), he will convince Shane McMahon to have another match with The Phenomenal One, but Shane won't give that match easily. Tension will then arise between The Prodigal Son and The Lunatic Fringe which will lead Shane McMahon to challenge Dean Ambrose in Wrestlemania 33.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar: Retirement Match

This is the biggest match in Wrestlemania 33. According to our reliable source, WWE creative will push it as a retirement match. This is a great setup since there are speculations that Goldberg will retire and be inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame a day before their match. Goldberg proved that he can still wrestle but he's not the same anymore. Age caught up with him and his body as he mentioned is already aching.

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