The Video Game Inspired By A Real-Life KGB Escape

By Gen Que , Nov 30, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Ondřej Švadlena grew up in the Czech Republic in a time when the Soviets occupied his country. That time, no one trusts anyone, not even their kids, for fear that the KGB or Russia's secret police had employed that person to spy on them. His experience came when he almost turned against his own mother unintentionally. In the years to come, that experience remained fresh in Švadlena's mind prompting it to become his inspiration in creating a game.

At first glance, Švadlena's open-world driving game looks like your typical game in that genre. But as you begin playing, you'll notice that it is missing some familiar elements found in the popular driving games. Gone are the cheering crowds, the brand-new muscle cars, and the beautiful scenery. Instead, the world is dark, the cars are all beat-up, and you are alone. These were the things Švadlena remembered when they escaped from their homeland to another country.

Švadlena's game takes place in the dead of the night where the main objective is to survive the attackers who are relentlessly pursuing you with the ultimate goal of killing you. They will try to wreck your car and use all sorts of weapons to stop and kill you.

Aside from that, he is taking careful attention to attain the most accurate simulation for car physics. He said he wanted gamers to feel every bump in the road and give it a certain unpredictability that even the road will become a menace to the players.

The obsession to make the game as close as the real driving came after Švadlena played Driver, a racing game that has very good car-chase elements but fell bad in terms of car physics.

At the moment, Švadlena's game has no title yet but a few publishers are already interested in it He will have a tech demo next year and he hopes to finish it after two years.

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