Final Fantasy XV Guide: Best Locations To Fish And Bonuses

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Nov 30, 2016 07:12 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV offers different trophies depending on missions that players have been completed or skills that they have mastered. The game also lets the players improve their fishing skills and fortunately, once fishing skills are developed will let the players earn bonuses.

Where Are The Best LocationTo Fish In Final Fantasy XV?

Fans have been really excited since the release of Final Fantasy XV. They are currently discovering on how to master fishing in the game. According to iDigital Times, fishing is considered to be one of the achievements in the game that the player needs to be successful on. There are several locations where players can improve their fishing skills.

In Final Fantasy XV, there are some best spots to fish in the game. First, in Gondola Marina, the players can catch different fishes there such as Cygillian Sea Bass and Tide Grouper. Next, in Vannath Coast players can catch Giant Trevally, Galdin Trevally, Murk Grouper and Glowing Barrelfish.

In Crestholm Reservoir, the fishes that are found there are Horned Bluegill, Lucian Catfish, Alstor Bass and Golden Catfish. Next best spot is Neeglyss Pond. Fishes such as Chipped Bluegil, Crag Barramundi and King Catfish are there.

In Malacchi Pond, players can catch Snakehead and Garnet Snakehead there. Next, in Forgotten Pool, players can get Rainbow Trout in that area. Daurell Spring offers Jade Snakehead, Phoenix Bass and Pink Jade Gar.

Players can get Cherrycomb Trout, Rainbow Trout, Callatein Brook Trout, Chrome Rainbow Trout in River Wennath. Rachsia Bridge will give players fishes such as Zipper Barramundi and Nebula Salmon. In the Maidenwater Maiden, players can get Brook Trout.

Caem Shore offers new varieties of  Striped Barramundi, Tide Grouper and Dark Allural Sea Bass. The Vesperpool at East Bank has Glimmering Bluegill, Crag Barramundi, Sapphire Snakehead and Noble Arapaima.

The Vesperpool at West Bank has Fan Bluegill and Vesper Gar. Lastly, in Myrlwood Falls players have the chance to get Cleigne Brown Trout, Platinum Myrltrout, Maiden Brook Trout, Callatein Brook Trout and Chrome Rainbow Trout.

Fishing Bonuses In Final Fantasy XV

As per RPG Site, there are certain bonuses for Noctis once he starts fishing depending on his level. If the player is on level 1, he will not earn anything. At level 2, the fishing rod of the player will wear down less easily by 10 percent.

If he is at level 3, the player will be given 10 percent discount by fishing shops. On level 4, the chances of catching fish are increased. When the player is at level 5 and decides to fish, he can catch bigger fish. At level 6, the player will receive more than 10 percent discount from fishing shops.

When he reaches level 7, the player's fishing rod will wear down slowly. The chances of catching different fishes will be increased on level 8. The player will be offered maximum discounts by fishing shops if he is already on level 9. At level 10, the player can catch the biggest fish in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV is currently the most-talked about game. The players are very eager to learn every skill in the game in order to improve. They should keep playing to fully understand and to maximize the game because continuous playing will result to different trophies earned.

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