Final Fantasy XV Guide: Tips To Help You Survive In The Game

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Nov 30, 2016 11:43 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV was just released. Players are starting to explore what are the new inclusions of the game. Also, they are trying to figure out how to survive and to maximize the game. The players are very eager to reach their best in the game. Lucky for them. there are tips shared for having a productive game.

10 Tips To Survive On Final Fantasy XV

Since Final Fantasy XV was out in the market, players have been busy in understanding the game. Of course, they want to survive what Square Enix developed and to maximize it. First, players should know that they can sprint continuously if they know the trick, according to Mashable.

This means that the player can regain his stamina by pressing the circle button (PS4) until the stamina meter is almost empty and release it. The stamina meter will be refilled and Noctis will sprint faster. Next, the player must remember that not all battles are worth it. Not all battles must be fought, which means players must choose carefully.

Third tip, the player must know how to use active and wait combats. The time will not move unless the player controls Noctis to move. Active combats are usually used against weaker enemies. Wait combats are executed to fight bosses.

It should be remembered that experience points cannot be gained without camping or resting in for the night. With that said, players should consider staying at Lestallum Hotel. This will give the players a 1.5x boost in their XP. The players need to pay 500 Gil that is a lot cheaper compared to any other hotels in Final Fantasy XV. However, players can choose not to turn in for the night.

Players should not also fret about not being able to do side quests. They will have plenty of time to finish them once they have completed the main storyline, Kotaku reported. Players will have an option to go back to do the other quests.

The players must also discover how weapons work with different enemies. The players should learn how to defend themselves. It is essential to attack the enemies on their bodies. One of the best ways to attack is to target the enemies' blindsides. 

Hopefully, this would help players get the hang of Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has made sure to give fans a different and unique experience, so even long-time players can find it hard to cozy up to the mechanics of the game quickly. There are still many features to explore in the vast world of Eos, but these tips might help those who are just starting.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the best RPGs in the gaming world. The players might find it hard to survive if they do not know how to really play the game. These tips are very efficient in order to save their lives and to be successful in every mission. 

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