'This Is Us' Episode 10 News, Spoilers: A Very Pearson Christmas; Kate Undergoes Surgery, Kevin Celebrates Hanukkah, Randall Tries To Forgive

By Mandy Adams , Nov 30, 2016 10:15 AM EST

"This Is Us" episode 10 will follow the bomb dropped during the Thanksgiving episode. Randall (Sterling Brown) knows that his mom, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) knew about William (Ron Cephas Jones) all along and kept the secret from him for 36 years. The Christmas special will be another eventful affair as the Pearsons spend the evening in the hospital.

"This Is Us" episode 10 Spoilers: The Past

"This Is Us" episode 9 has been a dramatic affair. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) tried helping Randall find his birth parents. Unbeknownst to Jack, Rebecca knows where William is but she does not want Randall to meet his birth father. She tried making excuses that she wanted Jack to be the only father that Randall comes to know when the truth is that she did not want to lose another child.

The next episode in "This Is Us" would focus on the Pearsons' Christmas celebration. Instead of being a joyous affair, the family finds themselves rushing to the hospital after Kate feels pain in her abdomen. It turns out that the child has appendicitis.

While in the hospital, they meet Dr. K who is all by himself. The good doctor is going through a rough patch and they need to support him.

"This Is Us" episode 10 Spoilers: The Present

"This Is Us" episode 10's story will pick up right after the Thanksgiving celebration. Randall realized how hard it was for Rebecca to keep the secret all these years after having a dream about Jack. However, it would not be easy to bring back the kind of relationship they had.

Kate is still bent on having a surgery that would solve her weight issues. In Randall's timeline, someone from William's past will reappear. This year, Kevin will not be celebrating Christmas. He will be with Olivia and her family to celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas.

"This Is Us" episode 10 "Last Christmas" will air on Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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