'Haikyuu!!' Chapter 233 Spoilers: Spring Inter-High To Start With Karasuno's Match Against Tsubakihara Academy

By Dan Niel , Nov 30, 2016 10:51 AM EST

After the long wait, the Spring Inter-High matches are finally commencing in "Haikyuu!!" chapter 233. The first match will be between the Miyagi prefecture representatives, Karasuno High School and Kanagawa prefecture's Tsubakihara Academy.

There is not much known about Tsubakihara Academy but it is definitely one of those elite private schools. It is from the same prefecture as Ubugawa High which we have seen multiple times in the series during the Tokyo training camps. If they are on par with the Ubugawa team which is filled with monster servers, then they should be strong. It's almost certain that Karasuno will win their first match but this will surely be a fun match.

"Haikyuu!!" chapter 232 showed a glimpse of the Tsubakihara team where one of their players, probably the captain, shouted that they should scream to shake off their nerves. Fans are speculating it is also their first time in the Nationals just like Karasuno based on their behavior. On his left is a tall and seemingly cool player whose smart-ass mouth is similar to Tsukishima. There will definitely be a blocking showdown between these two. Meanwhile, on his right is a more timid version of Tanaka and he is also bald! Is Karasuno facing a team similar to them?

Fans will finally see the fruits of the separate training camps attended by Karasuno members. Karasuno's genius setter, Kageyama, is fresh out of the All Japan training camp and it will be his first official match after regressing back to his oppressive "King of the Court" tendencies. Tsukishima and Hinata came back from the Miyagi prefecture special training camp while the other players of the Karasuno team also didn't slack off with their training while the three first years were away. They focused on practicing serves.

Another sight to see will be Hitoka's debut as manager in the court side. Shimizu went to get Hinata's lost bag in the previous chapter and got back just before the match started but since the players entered the court early for a warm-up, Hitoka was sent inside. The English scanlations for "Haikyuu!!" chapter 233 is expected to come out in December. Meanwhile, "Haikyuu!!" season 3 episode 10 will air on Dec. 9.


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