Samsung To Reveal Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Cause Before 2017

By Sid Suvarna , Nov 30, 2016 10:54 AM EST

The Galaxy Note 7 debacle is known throughout the world, but the exact cause is still unknown. Samsung had first stated that the Galaxy Note 7 explosions were caused due to a faulty battery. However, even the units with replaced batteries faced the same issue.

Samsung then started a fresh investigation recently to find out the exact issue and reveal it to the public. The company even posted full page ads apologizing for the problems caused to Note 7 customers and promised to find out the problem and rectify it.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Cause

As mentioned above, the exact cause for the Galaxy Note 7 explosion is not known. Samsung had to recall over four million Note 7 handsets so customers would not get hurt.

Earlier this month, Samsung started a new investigation and the results of it will be revealed by the end of this year. Usually, when a company recalls a product at this scale, it is its duty to reveal the cause to the public. Also, Samsung wants to make sure that there will be no future safety concerns with its devices.

Samsung gathered several safety experts from both U.S. and Korea to find out the cause, as per Korea Herald. Finding the exact cause for the explosions is crucial as it can help the company in re-using some of the safe parts from the recalled Note 7.

How Will It Help Samsung?

Making the cause public will help the company gain some of the lost trust from customers and investors, according to Android Pit. It is a very important move and something that needs to be done soon.

Samsung's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8, should not be affected by the safety problems that the Note 7 faced. Once the cause is public, it will be assured that the newer devices from the company will be safe to use. The sooner the public and the company knows the cause for the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, the better.

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