Gwen Stefani Devastated On Miranda Lambert’s New Album? ‘No Doubt’ Singer Blamed For Blake Shelton’s Failing Career?

With Miranda Lambert’s break up album, “The Weight of These Wings” out, Gwen Stefani and her alleged “obsession” on the country singer’s piece of revenge is but arguably.

According to reports, the “Don’t Speak” hitmaker is intimidated by the overwhelming success of his boyfriend Blake Shelton’s ex-wife. Lambert’s sixth studio album has been receiving positive reviews leaving Shelton and Stefani’s singing careers in the dark.

“It has to be very hard for Gwen because Miranda is an absolutely beloved artist who is a household name all over the country. " a source revealed.

In addition, Lambert is presumed to believing that Shelton’s downfall is caused by his romantic relationship with Stefani. Following the release of his album “If I’m Honest,” his romance with his fellow “The Voice” coach has been getting a lot of attention tangled with rumors and gossips instead of his music.

In October, his hard-hitting track titled “She’s Got a Way With Words” found its way to the rumor mill as his very first song in 7 years that failed to land the top spot in music charts.

Written by Andy Albert, Marc Beeson, and Wyatt Earp, the song was described as mean and aggressive and is theorized to have been dedicated to Lambert. With these strong lyrics “She put the ‘X’ in sex, she put the ‘low’ in a blow. / She put a big ‘F-U’ in my future. / Little words like ‘I’ and ‘do,’ ‘lying,’ ‘cheating,’ ‘screwed’ / Yeah, all the words I thought I knew, they got a brand-new meaning now,” anyone can just think of their ugly split.

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