Twitter Warns Trump That He Could Get His Account Banned

President-elect Donald Trump will have his Twitter account banned if he doesn't respect the hate speech rules, as it was said by the social media network, which won´t hesitate even one second to let everyone knows that even the American chief of state will have the same privileges and every single user in the platform.

Twitter is Having A Strong Position On Its Policies

Naturally, this represents a good news for those who though that considering the controversy that has always framed Trump´s post on every social media, he would keep doing whatever he wanted without any kind of consequences. According to the International Business Times, a Twitter spokesperson told that the platform´s rules prohibit any kind of harassment, violent threats, multiple account abuse and hateful conduct, which will have a strong response from the social media, since it would take action on accounts violating the policies.

Also, the spokesperson explained that these rules apply not only for those how to have the standard account, but also for the users who have the verified, which led to believe that it could be an indirect message to the President-elect, and any other important figure that disseminates hate speech on the platform.

Trump Will Not Get His Account Banned On Facebook No Matter What He Posts

According to The Independent, Trump supporters and members of the alt-right feels that this represent some kind of persecution against those that are not liberals, considering the precedent that Twitter marked some months, when Milo Yiannopoulos had his account banned after a strong controversy that he had with Leslie Jones.

Although this could mean a stronger position of social media to avoid its users of making bigot post, Facebook announced that it will not do the same as Twitter, and let the president-elect to pot whatever he wants without the fear of getting his account banned, since Mark Zuckerberg´s platform believes that everything that the chief of state says will be newsworthy.

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