The Weirdest Origins Of Some Of The Most Famous Tech Brands

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Although some brand were chosen because of serious reasons, there are some others that were actually chosen as a way to remember the home town, or because of none particular reason.
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When you built a company the first thing you should think of is its name, because no matter if it doesn't work and just last a couple months, the most important aspect is how is called, because that will be the first impression. If you need an example you just have to take a look at the most important tech companies in the world, whose names are so characteristic that even when you don´t which products they sell, you know who they are.

However, the curious thing is that there are some names that are so rare that you always ask yourself about its origins, and believe it or not, some of these are so bizarre that you would never guess it. If you want to know the most curious cases, check these tech brands and analyze its weird origins so you could have more ideas at the moment of picking a name for your company.

Twitter: When A Little Paper Defines The Future

The method that the guys at Twitter choose to pick the name was very old school: each of the employees from Odeo (the San Francisco podcasting startup where the platform initially began) should pick the name they think it would fit for the company, and then, write it on a paper and put it inside a hat. Of course, at a specific moment, one of them should get his hand inside of it and take out the chosen name for the social media network.

It was a hard brainstorming session in which those who assisted had to think of a name that fits with the topic of a smartphone buzzing in the customer pocket with an update, so obviously, names as "calmed" "soft rain" or "delicate" were not included in the list. Finally, once a member took out the paper of the hat and the Twitter appeared that was it, and the rest is just history.

However, many believe that this was a stroke of luck, considering that one of the other possible names was "Jitter", which would have been so bizarre if it finally got chosen that it would be on an hypothetic article about the ugliest tech brands of all times.

Nintendo: Not Even Bob Dylan Would Imagined This Kind Of Name

Since it was released back in the days, every single person wanted to have this device, considering its greatness and the fact that it took the video games consoles to a whole new level. However, the thing about this product has always been its name, considering that it sounds so concrete and consistent that most people believed that if it had a meaning, it would probably be something as "consistency" or "concreteness".

However, what turned out to be an extremely bizarre surprise for everyone who thought that Nintendo´s meaning would be something like this, is that its name consist of three Japanese words that were put together, and really means "we do all that we can, as best as we can, and await the results." Believe or not, the origins of one of the most famous tech brands in the entire world are something as long and profound that not even Steve Jobs could have imagined it. In fact, his case with Apple is one of rarest.

Apple: The Weirdest Origin Of One Of The Coolest Tech Brands

I just said that this is a weird case everywhere you look at it, because when you think about the Cupertino company, you would probably think that this short name is just the minimalistic sound of something which origins should come from something as artistic and genuine as a Jazz song, or as a painting of Picasso. In fact, if you add to this equation that Steve Jobs is its founder and actually was the one who picked the name, there´s no way that its meaning wouldn't be a delicious piece of intellectualism at its best.

However, the thing about Apple, is that it´s background consist of two things: first of all, when Jobs started with the company, he told everybody to suggest a fictitious business name statement for official purposes, and warned that if nobody came with a good suggestion before the filing deadline, the name would be Apple computers. The second detail, and he actually said it in a conference back in the days, is that he actually like apples, and that´s it.

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