The Strangest Things People Are Doing With Drones Right Now

With drones
Delivering different kind of product with drones could be the new modus operandi in midterm, which is a safer, quickest and more comfortable service, but it could take the job of many people. Photo : Youtube/Domino´s Pizza UK

Without any kind of doubt, drones have become one of the greatest tech innovations in the history, considering that it is a device that can be used in almost any kind of fields, to the point in which many companies are achieving major discoveries or covering a sporting event thanks to it. However, there are many other strange necessities that people are fulfilling with drones, and here are the most outstanding cases

Tooth Removal: An Operation That Always Adapts To The Latest Technologies

We are talking about an operation that has been done in many different ways throughout the history, almost in every single nation around the world. Removing a tooth is something so particular and delicate at the same time that everyone has its own technique to doing it, no matter how weird it is.

When there´s people who just take a napkin to grab the tooth and remove it quickly, there are others who actually tie up the tooth to a doorknob and close it strongly so it could be removed easily. In fact, what many has considered as one of the weirdest is this last case, but instead of a door knob, is a car what is used.

Just as it is some kind of ritual that adapts to the modern technologies, this operation, people are now doing it with drones, tying the tooth to the aircraft and flying it up. What happens to be a huge surprise is that many people have done it, and it is something characterized by being extremely fast and painless.

Delivering Foods With Droned: What Many People Wants

This is probably something that everyone should have seen it coming, but many believed that it just wasn't going to happen: believe it or not, one of the latest uses that people are doing with drones is delivering food, which is the best exemplification of how the newest tech devices could also be useful to bringing the bread to the table in a modern way, instead of having to go out and look for it.

What´s more incredible about this case is that this could actually become something very normal in midterm, giving the fact that some food franchises and companies could use these devices to deliver its product to the customer, which would mean a huge innovation in this issue, and take the job of the delivery guy who worked hard to get his extra cash.As reported in previous article, Domino´s Pizza has started to do this operation In New Zealand, and is expected that could soon be done in the U.S.

Delivering Sensitive Documents With Drones

Although the quickest and easiest way of sending a document is via email, the threat that cybercriminals represents has made Internet one of the most unsafe places in the world, so if what you are sending is extremely important, it is recommendable to send it in the old-fashion way to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Of course, this escalates to a higher level if we´re talking about sensitive government information, so delivering documents turns into a very delicate mission in which there are many measures that needed to be taken in order to accomplish it. Giving this situation, the United Arab Emirates announced in 2014 plans to bring the official government documents to its receivers with drones.

Although this could be a very intelligent decision, it is something extremely weird considering that hackers could easily attack a drone, and this device could also be damaged in the air. Naturally, is way much better than delivering it with some armed guys, but it is so weird that it seems a little bit over the top.

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