'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Updates: Lydia Doubtful To Save Stiles; Spinoff To Center Around Two Characters Being Discussed?

By Marion Villareal , Dec 02, 2016 06:02 AM EST

"Teen Wolf" season six is now getting more thrilling by each episode, especially now that Lydia seems to be getting closer in finding Stiles. Will the most awaited Stydia moment finally happen in the next episode? Is a spin-off series focusing on the on-screen couple currently being discussed?

Lydia To Search For Clues In Stiles' House That Will Lead Her To Him And Save Him

MTV is now currently airing "Teen Wolf" season six and it has thrilled the audience now more than ever. Stiles is currently being held captive by the Ghost Riders while Lydia and Scott are struggling to find ways to save him. Even though he has been erased form existence by the Ghost Riders, for some reason, Lydia remembers him. The connection between the two shall then be further on tackled as the series progresses. Now, Lydia is planning to go to Stiles' house and find something that might lead her to him.

Upcoming "Stydia" Moment Close To Happening Already; Will It Be In The Upcoming Episode Of "Teen Wolf" Season 6?

"Teen Wolf" executive producer Jeff Davis assured the fans that the most anticipated and awaited moment between Stiles and Lydia will already happen this season. With Lydia confessing her love for him in the previous episode, chances are they two will be able to work on their feelings once they see each other again. In the next episode, Lydia searches Stiles' home for anything that the Ghost Riders may have left that will lead her to his location. However, Stiles' mother who recently came back doesn't seem to be happy of Lydia trying to find him. This has then sparked up rumors that she may be the key to finding Stiles and the Ghost Riders.

"Teen Wolf" Spinoff Series To Focus On Stiles And Lydia To Be Aired By MTV Soon?

There are also reports currently speculating that a possible spinoff to "Teen Wolf" will be produced soon, one that will focus more on Stiles and Lydia's relationship. The network hasn't confirmed such news yet but with Dylan O'Brien now back to filming already after recovering from accident, it is highly possible that the spinoff series will happen. After all, Stiles and Lydia's relationship has been one of the most-talked about romantic relationships in television these days.

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