Mass Effect: Andromeda Update: How BioWare's "Biggest" Game Gives Players More Options

By Chaps , Dec 02, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Creating a profile is one of the most time-hoarding part in every RPG video game yet players find this fun. Of course, it's your time to create a character, another "you" in a sense that will go through challenges throughout the game and you can optimize how you look, be it with a good-looking face and gym body, and even revamp your skillsets like super speed or maximum strength. This is the part where you can be someone you're not in real life. However, most of these times, gamers are supposed to live up with the profile they have created throughout the entirety of the game. What if you can change your profile anytime you want?

That sounds really fun, ain't it?  Well, thanks to BioWare, you can actually change your profile points mid-game in their upcoming RPG shooter, Mass Effect: Andromeda. For an RPG fan, gameplays can be different throughout a campaign and it's entirely possible that players will not be able to use the exact skills and abilities in different missions. In this case, allowing them to change their profiles whenever they want is essential.

Mass Effect: Andromeda producer, Mike Gamble, explained to Game Informer, "When you put enough points into a certain type of class, then you choose that profile and get perks. But where we're different is that you can constantly reallocate points to different profiles. In one mission, I can be an Infiltrator. In another mission, I can be a Sentinel." 

With Mass Effect: Andromeda allowing gamers to have more choices with profile changes, this will not "hold them to early gameplay decisions". It's like this: if a player decides to go with a different profile in a new mission, he won't have to completely start over.

Additionally, removing classes in games will help gamers have more choices. Mass Effect: Andromeda producer, Fabrice Condominas, said, "People tend to stick to certain kinds of characters, especially in RPGs. Even without class systems, they already know what they want to do. And they can absolutely do that. I think they will play the way they want, with a couple specific, targeted tactical places where they will choose to switch."

Mass: Effect Andromeda is slated for release March 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

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