Pokemon Sun and Moon Competitive Play Dilemma: Nintendo Cannot Prevent Cheaters From Joining?

By Nick Halden , Dec 02, 2016 04:00 AM EST

A number of Pokemon Sun and Moon players are upset over the prospect of cheaters joining competitive plays. It seems Nintendo and the Pokemon Company do not have any clear rules about them.

Honest Players Want Cheaters Banned

An avid Pokemon Sun and Moon player posted on Reddit how cheaters may discourage honest players from joining competitive plays. Catching, leveling or breeding Pokemon with the various effective movesets take a lot time if players will not resort to cheating.

Reddit poster mwindle91 proposed that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company should make it easier for Pokemon Sun and Moon players to set up a viable competitive team. While at the same time, the game developer can impose long-term or even permanent bans for those caught cheating in the competitive plays.

Pokemon Cheat Engines Available Online

A number of Pokemon Sun and Moon cheat tools are available online and any one can use them for free. Many players are tempted to use them because of their easy access and would considerably shorten their grind time in the game.

Pokegen - Pokemon Generator

Pokegen basically allows players to create a customized Pokemon equipped with any stats that they choose. Using this tool basically makes breeding obsolete if this hacking tool is allowed in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

SUMOHax - Ultimate Pokemon Cheat Tool

Another popular Pokemon cheat tool is the SUMOHax. It is probably the ultimate cheat tool for Pokemon Sun and Moon. SUMOHax can provide players with almost 10 million Current Festival and Total Poke Festival coins. Other features include the removal of wait time, forced trainer battles. The SumoHax can also give cheaters all the Z Crystals, TM/HM, medicines and berries.

The SUMOHax however, will only work on the new 3DS and will require some hacking in order for it to work. Players will have to download a Boot program first before downloading SUMOHax to the 3DS unit.

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