Google Maps iOS Update For iPhone and iPad Now Available

By Jordan Mammo , Mar 05, 2013 08:47 PM EST

The release of Google Maps for iOS was a blessed day for many. iPhone users could finally navigate through their surroundings without worrying about getting lost or, in some drastic cases, death.

While the iOS release was a day full of joy for Apple fans, the Google Maps app didn't quite carry over all the features found in the service on Android devices. With the newest update released on Tuesday, the map's functionality is improving even more.

New to Google Maps is the fact that iOS users will now be able to access any address they have already stored with Google. Before, the application would only pull up those contacts listed in your iPhone, but this could potentially expand your ability to quickly find addresses by a great deal depending on how many contacts you have stored with Google already.

Additionally, Google is offering an easier way to search for nearby locations by incorporating a search menu featuring categories like "Restaurants," "bars," and "hotels." Previously, users could still search for these things, but they'd have to type them into the search bar manually. Now it's just a click away, and easy to find if you're not sure of a specific address or name.

For international users in the Middle East, the biggest news of all is that with this update, the app becomes available in seven more countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

These improvements are more than welcome, but Google Maps is actually still missing some features that are currently available on Android. There are no bike routes or indoor maps, and  iOS users still can't save map screens for use in an offline mode. Hopefully those perks will be added in a future update.

Until then, though, it's easy to imagine that most Google Maps users will continue to be pleased.

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