The Coolest Way To Spice-up Your Android Phone Is Through The 91 Launcher Pro

By Monica U Santos , Dec 02, 2016 03:14 AM EST

91 Launcher Pro is a free Android app from the Google Play. You can use it to change the way your phone looks and works. You'll get access to themes, wallpapers, and new gestures and you can even personalize each category. From its update, there's also new features, including a power manager.

The Coolest Way To Spice-up Your Android Phone Is Through The 91 Launcher Pro

When you visit 91 Launcher Pro in Google Play, you will see that it is a free app so you have nothing to worry on paying. "Say no to the same old default launcher. Say no to the plain bored phone interface
91 launcher is a desktop that has massive themes, HD wallpapers, and personalized interface. We are committed to bringing you a personalized phone experience that is more fun and interesting. We are doing this with simple, convenient, efficient systems that learn from your usage habits. It is smarter, slimmer, lighter."

According to Pocket-lint, 91 Launcher Pro offers two functions: a way to personalise your phone (with launcher themes, wallpapers, 3D Touch effects, and access to a comprehensive view of weather information) and new features to make your phone more fluid and lightweight (such as a way to clean your phone, access your weather and news at your fingertips, as well as a quick search widget, power manager, hidden folders, and even unique gestures).

Features of the 91 Launcher Pro

When you use the 91 Launcher Pro, you can do the following:

Perfect personalized experience - this includes the personalization on themes, wallpapers, 3D Touch and weather
Slimmer methods to make the phone more fluid, more lightweight - this includes 1 tap cleaner, 91 know, quick search, power manager, privacy and gesture control

According to, Last month, over 4000 users across 22+ countries were asked to vote for the best theme out of 14 on 91 Launcher Pro. Here are the top themes based on the user votes: Neon, Sunset, Purple, Bull-puncher, Strawberry, Working, and Cool technology. Just check out these themes in case you are in a hurry and don’t want to spend much time in selecting and applying a new theme.


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