There's Something Creepy Going On In Final Fantasy XV

By Gen Que , Dec 02, 2016 04:00 AM EST

There's something creepy going on in Final Fantasy XV which involves the photography features of the game. What seems to be fun is becoming scary with this creature that photobombs all the characters' photos.

After the end of each mission, you can scroll Prompto's camera where the characters can see their most memorable battles and moments while accomplishing the mission. As you scroll from photo to photo, you will notice that there is a familiar photobomber in each of them - the Carbuncle.

The Carbuncle is a cute white rabbit-like creature with big ears. In the Final Fantasy world, the Carbuncle is a recurring summon which appears in various FF games. Its name literally means gemstone. In Final Fantasy XV, the /carbuncle can be summoned to cast Reflect on all the allies giving them 30MP with the speed of 25.

It was first seen in the Platinum Demo of FFXV where it served as an escort to Noctis as he traversed his dream world. After completing the dream world mission, you can unlock for full use in the game. You can also give it its own name.

At first, many players thought the Carbuncle is just an imaginary friend until it keeps popping in Prompto's pictures. There it is not subtly tucked at the corner staring at the characters from a fair distance.

It was there while the group happily snapped a group picture. It was behind Noctis as he enjoyed fishing at the boardwalk. It was there everywhere the group goes, whether in the city or in the jungle.

Many fans have shared their Carbuncle photobombs confused why the creature pops up in uncanny places that it's starting to creep them out. Turns out that it was the Carbuncle Surprise Square Enix was talking about when they launched their pre-order campaign in the summer.

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