Final Fantasy XV: Their Favorite Recipes And How To Cook Them

By Gen Que , Dec 02, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Food is one of the highlights in Final Fantasy XV. Not only do they give nourishment to the characters but they also level up some of their abilities. Ignis is the foodie of the group and does most of the cooking using the ingredients they gather in their journey. Here are each of the character's favorite recipe and instruction's how to cook them although we're not sure whether it will work on real life or not.

Noctis: Grilled Wild Baramundi

Among the characters in Final Fantasy XV, Noctis loves fish most of all. Most of his favorite recipes have fish as the main ingredient. To unlock this recipe, you have to catch a Crag Barramundi fish first. After catching one, just season it with Schier turmeric, grill it, and it's ready to eat.

Eating this recipe can boost your attack by 80 if you are on Level 8. It can also boost your magic by 80 in the same level and boost your HP by 500 if you are on Level 10.

Gladiolus: Prime Garula Ribs

Among the four, Gladio is the meat-eater evident in his bulky frame. One of his favorites is the Prime Garula Ribs using the Garulessa Steak and garlic as the main ingredients. You can unlock the recipe by reading the Iron Shelf Recipes Volume 2, which you can buy at the Wiz Chocobo Post.

Eating the dish will give your endurance an unlimited sprint and boost your HP up to 500 if you are on Level 10.

Ignis: Fisherman's Favorite Paella

Being a cook, Ignis has the most sophisticated taste of all with his preferences ranging from salads to meat dishes. This recipe is one of his favorites because, well, it's paella and you can't simply resist it.

Paella is a bit difficult to cook and the Final Fantasy XV makers know this. To unlock this dish, head to the Galdin Quay docks and the Mother of Pearl restaurant. Order the Sea's Bounty Risotto.

Filled with Cleigne mollusk, Caem pinkshrimp, and Saxham rice, this paella can boost your attack by 120 if you're at level 10. It also boosts your HP by 600 at Level 12 and your HP recovery rate by 25 percent at level 1.

Prompto: Burly Bean Brown

Although Prompto likes meat, he balances his diet with occasional vegetable dishes and Burly Bean Brown is one of his favorites. Ignis will learn how to cook this dish after they eat the chili con carne dish at a diner at the Hammerhead outpost.

Its main ingredients are chocobean, Lucian Tomato, and sweet pepper. This will give you an increased attack by 40 at level 4 and an HP boost by 300 at level 6.

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