Super Mario Maker: Pros And Cons Of The Game

Super Mario Maker is much better played on Nintendo 3DS. The gamers have noticed the differences of the game on the handheld console than Wii U. But like any other games, there are certain issues about the latest game of Nintendo that players have to deal with.

Pros Of Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is one of the coolest game. According to Tech Times, the reinvented game allows its players to do something new in the game such as creating new levels and integrating different Super Mario elements with the ways they want.

Drawing and dragging are better done in Super Mario Maker. The reason is player's ideas are easily put onto the screen are easier done with the small screen of 3DS. There are new tools in the newest version of the game unlike in the Wii U version, whose tools are limited. The players have all the opportunities to use anything they want.

As per Wired, the players can tweak and can change anything they want in Super Mario Maker whenever they have free time because they are using a handy device. Lastly, the players can share their ideas with their co-players via 3DS' StreetPass feature.

The Biggest Disadvantage Of Super Mario Maker

According to Digital Spy, Super Mario Maker lacks online sharing despite the StreetPass feature of 3DS that allows the players to share their ideas with other gamers. Players are saying that they wish that they can upload levels they want to do in the game.

Even other analysts are saying that they want others to see every completed level they have done in Super Mario Maker. Nintendo might be conscious with that one feature that the game lacks but hopefully, they can add the online sharing of the game.

Super Mario Maker is still a fun game despite that online sharing is not allowed in the game. Players are still enjoying in creating different levels of the game anytime they want. Also, new tools have been introduced in the 3DS version of the game.

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