How To Choose The Best Smartphone: 2016 Best Smartphone Deals

In picking the best smartphone, there are a few things people need to consider. We can't just let ourselves be taken away by the flow of trend. We have to think practically to avoid regretting our purchase. Sure, the media gives out enough information about new releases, but most of the time, it is the online promotions of these phones that get people buying. In order to avoid regrets, we should spend some time contemplating our choice of product. Here are some tips in choosing a smartphone and what great deals the current market has to offer.

Choosing The Best Smartphone

In picking out a smartphone to buy, one should consider the price, the features, the re-sell value and the phone's long term usability. If the phone is too expensive for your budget, there is no reason to go for it. A phone's function is quite simple and paying so much for it is not exactly necessary. Needless to say, if there are features in an expensive phone that you extremely need, then maybe splurging a bit is understandable. However, if these special and premium features are just fun bonuses, then there is no reason to go above your budget.

If in any case you'd really like to buy a pricey smartphone, you should consider its long term usability and its selling value. Do your research and find out whether or not the phone you are buying is commended for its durability. If the model is new, read a review of its predecessors to find out how great the phone series is. This is important if you intend to use your phone for years. This is also important if you want to sell your unit in the near future, like in a year. If you intend to sell your phone, it is important to see if its resell value is enough for you. Apple iPhones are known to have a higher resell value than others. Samsung flagship is next, but not as high as Apple. Other phones are better used long term than being sold for a lot less.

Best Smartphones of 2016

There are a few smartphones that stood out this year for great overall value. On top of it all is OnePlus' phones. The company released both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T this year and both of them are highly recommended for their prices and specs. These phones have massive RAM sizes of 6 GB and they are also reasonably priced as well. The OnePlus 3 is at $399 while the OnePlus 3T starts at $439. This is pretty much leaps and bounds away from Apple and Samsung's pricing.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 could also be a good buy if it fits your budget. For a starting price of $649, you can get a fully-featured Apple flagship phone. You can also opt for the smaller but just as functional iPhone SE for around $400. iPhones are tested and proven to last long just as long as they aren't put in so much torture. They are also known for their ease of selling.

If you want a smartphone with a slightly lower price, you can grab the HTC 10. It is also a premium flagship phone that boasts of its superb display and powerful internals. It has a regular price of $699 but HTC has removed $200 off of it making it $499.

If you're a Samsung fan, you can get the Galaxy S7 for $670. It is way more premium than its predecessor so somehow it is a good buy as well. Needless to say, you can always go for midrange phones as they are typically just as functional as flagships phones but without the glitz and glamour. You can try LG's midrange phones, Samsung's Galaxy J series and Asus' Zenfone series.

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