Emma Watson Considered The Perfect Disney Princess Role Model In Upcoming 2017 Film 'Beauty And The Beast'

Emma Watson's decision to forego wearing a corset for her role as Disney Princess Belle in the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast" has made a great statement and inspiration to the women all over the world. The actress has always been known to be a strong advocate of women's rights, explaining her decision.

Emma Watson Abhors Wearing Corset In Role As Belle In "Beauty And The Beast"

Wearing corsets has already been a trend these days, with high-profile models wearing them in the runway and even in some films as well. However, Emma Watson doesn't seem to agree to this trend, resulting to rejecting the chance for to wear a corset for the film. In past adaptations of Disney fairytales, the actresses have always been known to use corsets to emphasize their body figure as they are in the animated version. The actress doesn't agree to that and has a total different version of how she wanted her character to turn out to be.

Emma Watson has always been known to be an advocate of women' rights and inspire the women all over the world to not be defined by society's concept of what a woman is and what she should be. Therefore, she abhors the fact that she had to wear a corset, just because she was supposed to and that is how she should allegedly be. She teamed up with the designers of the movie, insisted that she be as natural as possible in the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast."

Emma Watson Continues To Inspire Women With Strong Perseverance On Taking Roles In

The actress was more determined to play the role of the princess who had more self-support and was able to take any action. She wanted her role as Belle to come out as not just a sweet princess, but a strong one at that. This has then made her a great inspiration to the women, especially the youth, to not be defined by society; an inspiration to let women be who they want to be. She is making a strong statement about women and princesses, and she's doing great with it.

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