Selena Gomez Walks Into Public Store In Pajamas: First Public Appearance Outside Events

By Marion Villareal , Dec 04, 2016 06:00 PM EST

Selena Gomez has been known as one of the most iconic Hollywood stars these days, having the highest number of followers on Instagram. Just recently, she was spotted shopping just wearing her pajamas and she still looks as glamorous as ever.

Selena Gomez Flaunts Simple And Non-Extravagant Looks While Shopping In Santa Monica

It can be recalled that Selena Gomez just recently got back after a three-month hiatus, wherein she cancelled her "Revival" tour to get herself better. She was going through a lot the past year, and she finally let her guard down and decided that it was time to get some time away from the world of show business. After having been gone and out of the paparazzi's eyes for 90 days, she finally made her huge come back during the AMA Night.

She was not seen again since the AMA Night until recently, when she was spotted in Santa Monica to get dinner and do a little shopping. However, unlike any other girl who would take hours to prep themselves for going out into the world, Selena just did the exact opposite. She was spotted entering the shopping center wearing just her pajamas and black duster. No other normal girl would ever dare to get into a public place like that, but it goes to show how Selena doesn't care about what she looks on the outside.

Songstress Strolls Around The Area, Eating And Shopping Like Any Ordinary Girl

She wore her hair in a low and simple ponytail, and a little lipstick. There were no other extravagant make up done to her face and she just looked like any other ordinary girl would. There have been reports claiming that she went in a Mexican restaurant to eat with a friend just before she went shopping at the Third Street Promenade. After that, she then headed off to a recording studio.

The songstress definitely kept her word during the AMA Night saying that she does not want to see anyone's bodies or flaunted looks on social media, and all that matters to her is what's on the inside.

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