Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Where to Catch Stufful and Evolve Bewear

Stufful and its evolve Bewear are two of the cutest Pokemon in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'. But do not be fooled with its huggable bear-like look as it can also be a powerful Pokemon. It is one of the new Pokemon introduced in the game so there is no another way for players to get it but to catch it in the game. So this article will provide the exact location where to find Stufful and evolve to Bewear.

Where to Catch Stufful in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

Stufful is usually seen on Route 8, often in its most northern part in Akala Island. For those who are not familiar have yet to encounter the island, it is the route heading to Fossil Restoration Center. Players can access the route from Route 5 but it's easier if players go through Route 7. It's much shorter and leads right to the tall grass where Stufful is usually encountered which is the one close to the trailer in Route 8.

The chances of a Stufful encounter is only 5%, which is very little, but hunting in its habitat will surely speed up the process. Now all the player needs to have is the patience to wait and to never give up until they find one.

How to Evolve Stufful to Bewear in 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'?

Once the player has finally caught their very own Stufful, the next step is to evolve it to Bewear. For players to evolve a Stufful effectively, they need let it reach level 27 and maximize its happiness. Leveling up is easy as players just need to use the Pokemon in battle or feed it with rare candy. However, maximizing its happiness may take some time to complete. But when everything is done and Stufful has finally evolved, it will be all worth it.

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